Pics from the London show

Check out this one! Some cool pics done by Musicpix at the London show .

@ The Pipeline | London | 20.02.2016 Bloodlights is a hard rock/melodic rock 4-piece hailing from Oslo, Norway, formed by Captain Poon, ex. Gluecifer. All photographs 2016 © Dave Zorg/Musikpix

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Review London show

Review from our London show. No surprise UberRock know their shit! Germany up next.

Bloodlights sitt bilde.

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If you still haven’t purchased your copy of our new EP, check out what the guys at Überrock has to say about it!

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Get our new 10″ EP on vinyl right here

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New EP out now !!

Hola amigos, freunde, friends and potential fans. Visit our digital landing page and listen the R-O-C-K !!


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New 10¨ EP out OCT.9

We´re proud to announce the release of our forthcoming 10″ EP, titled “Somebody Else`s Nightmare”. The record will contain six songs and will be released Oct.9 on vinyl and digital. Later tonight we´ll post the videoclip for the title track, stay tuned!

Here is the title track :

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New 7 “

Check out this  7″ split with  Bloodlights and Dieter Jackson, available through Janml Records. Our side contains a previously unreleased punk-rocker named “A Little Too Much” and a semi-hillbilly acoustic version of the track “Shit For Gold”, originally from our record “Stand Or Die”. Get your copy right here www.JanML-records.de

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We´re not as lazy as you may think. We´ve just completed a six-track EP named “Somebody Elses Nightmare”. We don´t know the exact releasedate, but more about that later. We´re also making some pretty cool DIY videos for each an every song. Here´s a little teaser from a track called “Down On Your Knees”


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“Taste The Blood” Teaser

Teaser from our upcoming video.

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Somebody Elses Nightmare preview

Yo amigos ! Here´s a little teaser from one of our new songs “Somebody Elses Nightmare”. Lots of new songs and videoclips coming your way soon. Stay tuned, and enjoy.


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